Happy Birthday, Dad

My dad’s birthday was July 8th. The first one in 57 years that he hasn’t been around for, the first one where I wasn’t able to listen to his voice as I told him happy birthday. I spent the past weekend on a short vacation, visiting old friends, attending a wedding, and meeting all of the new babies and spouses that have extended my chosen family. My mother accompanied me, and when Saturday came around, my dad’s day was in the back of our minds. Catching up with my old crew was a good distraction and we had a fun time. But the pain over not being able to call my dad and tell him happy birthday, tell him how much I love him, is beyond what I can ever explain.

Never miss an opportunity to tell the people you care about, your family, friends, whoever, how much you love them. I know we hear this so much and people always think that tragedy won’t happen to them but death is inevitable and eventually you will lose someone. There is no avoiding that. Make sure to spread that love, that you stay in contact and make room for people in your life before it’s too late. I’m grateful for the memories I have with my dad, that we were so close. But I would give anything to have him back.

Happy Birthday, Dad. We miss you.


Author: Kylie Hemmert

Pop culture addict, writer, SNHU alum, mental health advocate & survivor.

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